Membership General Conditions

This committee manages the implementation of its financial procedures, recruitment and supervision of human resources, technical resources and facilities of the financial aspects and follow-up requests for procurement and financial auditing, financial statements and control irregularities.  It does have the following responsibilities in particular: 

  • ICT specialists and interested in the field
  • Have a desire to work and achieve the goals of the society
  • Not less than 18 years old with a good behavior record
  • Undertake to respect the internal regulations of the association
  • Not been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or dishonesty unless he has been rehabilitated
  • Specialists in ICT of non-Omani workers located in Oman can join in, given not to run for membership of the Board of Directors
  • Join the association require filling request form, and pays the fees due
  • Applications are recorded with serial numbers and be submitted to the Governing Council for consideration in its acceptance and inform the applicant of the Council decision

Members Rights and Duties

Must take into account the provisions of the NGO law promulgated by Royal Decree No. 14/2000 and the system of this society. Joining the society pursuant to voluntarily intended to serve citizens in the Sultanate and work to take care of them and make every effort to advance the work of the society

  • Participate in all activities of the society within the limits of their abilities and potential.
  • Be a good example of integrity and good conduct within the society.
  • Works on the promotion of the various activities undertaken by the society.
  • Not abusive the membership or try to abuse to the society in any way.
  • Adhere to decisions issued by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.
  • Pay the annual contributions determined by the Board and approved by the General Assembly.
  • Works on attracting new members to the society, through awareness and dissemination of ideas and objectives of the society between specialists and those interested in the society areas.

Member's Contribution in The Association

  • Attend the meetings of the ordinary and unusual assembly and vote.
  • Nominate himself for the membership of the Board of Directors taking the exceptions of the regulation, and that one year after the joining of the OITS and the availability of prescribed conditions for members of the Board of Directors.
  • Get the annual report of the association and informed association activities and news.
  • Participate in rehabilitation programs and training workshops held.

The Cases of Losing OITS Membership

  • Withdrawal from OITS.
    • Death.
    • Loss of a condition of membership.
    • Separation

The Governing Council shall issue a decision demise of the membership status within 15 days from the date of the Board’s decision to do so.

The membership maybe returned to the member who remains its membership due to non-payment of subscriptions in a given year if it leads amount due within the next year.

A member may not, and those who continue to membership for any reason not to the heirs of a deceased member the right to recover previously paid subscription fees or donations and has no right to OITS money.