Administration and Finance Committee

This committee manages the implementation of its financial procedures, recruitment and supervision of human resources, technical resources and facilities of the financial aspects and follow-up requests for procurement and financial auditing, financial statements and control irregularities.  It does have the following responsibilities in particular: 

  • Follow-up reports of the Treasurer and the Coordinator and make recommendations thereon to the Governing Council.
  • Provide the required information to the Secretary of the Fund for the preparation of new budgets.
  • Proposal to open or transfer of branches of the Association within the Sultanate, however, may open branches in the Sultanate of the Assembly or moved from one place to another only after obtaining approval from the Ministry of Social Development, and the request is before the opening of the branch or the transfer of the Assembly at least thirty days.
  • Kept in the headquarters of the following records and books must be maintained by the office of the society:
    • Records the names of members and total subscriptions.
    • Proceedings of the Governing Council and the General Assembly.
    • Books of accounts of income and expenses, donations and related documents.
    • Any other records or other books as directed by the Ministry of Social Development should be retained at the headquarters of the society.
  • Design and printed books, records and publications that bear the name, address, registration number and logo of the society must be number recorded.
  • Follow-up grant provided by the Ministry of Social Development as per the allocations, funds, and grants for unregistered associations in accordance with the provisions of the law. And report about the subsidy:
    • The need of the Assembly to furnish a subsidy.
    • The extent to which you need the Assembly to achieve its objectives and work in the field of activity.
    • The contribution of the Assembly in the performance of services related to aspects of human activity.
    • By the Assembly is implementing a project to serve social, cultural and social objectives.
  • Appoint recommended accountants and financial auditors and prepare final accounts and other financial and management reports.
  • Prepare and submit financial requirements for different areas of activity within the society.
  • Cooperate with the inspectors from the Ministry of Social Development to examine the work of the society and to verify compliance with the laws and rules and resolutions of the General Assembly by facilitating the entry into the headquarters for them and enable them to inspect records, books and documents and their communications, and control violations of the provisions of the Act and its implemented regulations and generate the necessary reports and actions prescribed by the law on them.
  • Make recommendations to the Governing Council regarding purchase or rental of materials, equipment, tools, books and software necessary for the society to exercise its activities.

Activities and Events Committee

  • Plan, implement and evaluate the activities of a specialized nature, such as lectures, seminars and conferences in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  • Overview matters related to newsletters for the Assembly and the specialized magazine for Information Technology and the development of frameworks and concepts for the publication of this magazine.
  • Exchange and adopt the scientific expertise in the field of Information Technology and builds a database of specialists and researchers in the field of information technology, according to the provisions of the law.
  • Organize and conducting workshops, specialized trainings.
  • Development of the annual budget for enhancement and report it to the Governing Council.
  • Make recommendations to the general body of the society and other committees in accordance with the provisions of the law and submit them to the Governing Council and follow up the recommendation of the Governing Council.
  • Conduct and coordinate research among specialists in the field of Information Technology.
  • Recommend the composition of delegations hosted as per the provisions of the law.
  • Control and manage the dissemination of both Electronic and printed products of the association.
  • Establish a library for the association and oversee its development and provision of references, books and specialized journals.

Services and Public Relations Committee

  • Plan and execute events of the society, such as opening and closing ceremonies in accordance with the provisions of the law including all the tasks of social nature such as arrangements of food and transport.
  • Oversee regular affairs and activities carried out by the committee and the Governing Council and other committees of the Assembly, where planning, implementation and follow-up with members appointed for this purpose by the authorities as aforesaid.
  • Coordinate with the relevant authorities to arrange accommodation and transport of members inside the Sultanate and abroad in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  • Arrange field visits inside the Sultanate as proposed by other committees.
  • Plan and execute entertainment programs of the society in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  • Publicize activities of the society and raise social awareness through various media.
  • Recommend means to provide services to the community in accordance with the law.
  • Follow-up and / or acquisition of audiovisual materials and equipment, tools, classification and distribution venues and stored using the methods of modern technology.
  • Repair and maintenance of physical facilities and the premises of the Assembly and the follow-up of maintenance.
  • Develop technical specifications for materials and buildings as required.
  • Assess the validity of materials, facilities and buildings for suitability of purpose.

The following procedures must be followed in the composition of all of the above committees

  • Committee members are nominated from among the current members who have fulfilled their obligations imposed on them and according to regulations must have held membership of at least six months and with the exception of the first meeting.
  • Selection of members with regard to expertise in the areas of competence of the Committee.
  • Members can be isolated or their membership can be revoked in case of failure to attend three consecutive meetings.
  • Recommend to the President of the Committee on the nomination or replacement of members of the Committee and submit to the Governing Council for ratification